Algarve is the Europe most Famous Secret

With an area of around 5000 square kilometers the Algarve is one of the most versatile tourist destinations in Europe. Its westerly location and sunny climate satisfies all the visitors preferences ans fantasies.

The versatility of the region can be seen not only in the eternal contrast between the small villages and busy urban cities on the interior, but also in extensive leeward beaches that give way to the windswept cliffs in a rural landscape of distinctive green-flecked mountains rolling down to meet the vivid blue of the coast.


Here you can recognize the tang of the sea in those delicious smells and flavors of fresh seafood, perhaps to be followed by typical sweets of the region made from figs or almonds, oranges or carob and washed down with medronho, or any other traditional liqueur that might take your fancy.

One of the unique delights of this destination is the great variety of beaches stretching along a full 200 kilometers of coastline. The Blue flag hoisted on most beaches is a symbol of quality ensuring safe and enjoyable holidays for all the family. For those who like nothing better than to relax, feel the sun in their bodies, close their eyes ans listen to the sound of the waves lapping the shore, the wilder and more desert beaxches are an ideal choice. Beaches with disabled acess can also be found, thus ensuring that nobody is denied the best of Algarve sun.


The most acclaimed «best golf venue in the world`» boasts fairways and greens of highest international standard. For more adventurous, however, the Algarve possesses ideal conditions for more radical sports such as jeep-safari, paragliding, abseiling, rock climbing, paintball, scuba diving and helicopter rides. The region also provides a vast array of athletic infrastructures for enjoyment of a wide range of sports for both amateur and professional.


Glamour and amuse are the wacthwords when nighttime comes to the Algarve. Sometimes is difficult to choose between all those pleasant esplanades, bars, casinos, or discotheques where the pace doesn’t slacken until sunrise. In addition to these, speciality markets, pilgrimages, athlectic and cultural events, strest concerts ans shows all help to liven up the area throughout the year.

One is never a loss for suggestions as to how best to spend an unforgettable holiday in the Algarve!



The colour of the sand, the sea and the transparent quality of the ocean that stretches to the horizon to merge with the sky, are just some of the memories that will live us with a lasting impression osf the Algarve and set the Scene for happy days of relation and romance.


The picturesque province in the extreme south of Portugal is truly unique. From the rocky promontory of Sagres on its western extremity, famous for its intrepid navigators during the age of discovery, to where it borders with Spain toa the east, there stretches an unspoilt coastline that attracts visitors from all over the world.


Reddish and ochre cliffs rise steeply from the blue green sea along the windward shores west Albufeira. In these sheltered bays and enchanting beaches some truly amazing works of natural art can be found. The action of the sea over countless centuries has created bizarrely shaped grottos, amaizing caves, weird pillars ans mysterious tunnels.

On the Eastern part of the Algarve, Known as the leeward shore, long stretches of flat sandy beaches beckon the horse-rider and walker This area is characterized by lagoons surrounded by huge sand dunes in a landscape dotted by umbrella pines. The low sandbanks between Faro and Tavira form chains os islets along the shore and their shapes are constantly being changed by the action of the tide. Not far from here is the Ria Forosa nature reserve providing a natural paradise for birds some of the islands, like Culatra and Farol, can be reached by regular ferry shuttle and here the calm waters are ideal for swimming, windsurfing or maybe just a happy day collecting shells along the beach.

Many seaside hotels along the extensive miles of beautiful coastline offer opportunities for sport and leisure. With its beautifully located courses and warm winter sunshine, The Algarve has become one of the Europe’s favourite venues for golfers who find it an ideal environment for playing throughout the year.

Winter or Summer, whether you come here by land or sea, the Algarve will prove to be one of the most delightful holidays destination you have ever visited.


Living the coastline behind us, the landscape gradually changes. Not far from the beach the fertile hinterland produces lush orange and lemon groves.

Characteristic of this region are the trees: figs, cork, olive, umbrella pine, locust bean, but above all the almond tree. After ripening, the almonds are dried and used to make the delicious desserts and liqueurs of the region, but above all it is the beauty of the almond tree that is so enchanting. In early February the arrival of spring is heralded by floods of white blossom that cover the land like drifts of snow. This phenomenon is linked to a legend from long ago that tells of a homesick bride of a Moorish king who wept with nostalgia for the snowy hills of her distant northern homeland. Wise men and magicians were summoned but, try as they might, none was able to make snow fall in the Algarve. In the end it was the loving husband’s idea that provide the solution; he planted hundred of almond tree in the grounds surrounding his castle and when blossom covered the ground like huge drifts of immaculate snow the princess quickly dried her tears and regained her happiness. To this day the Algarvians celebrate the almond season with jovial festivals and fairs.

The inhabitants of this region are lively, industrious and renowned for their unfailing hospitality; these traits are inherited from their Moorish ancestry astuteness, qualities that feature so prominently in the local folklore.

Beyond the cultivated hinterland lies a wilder countryside where the so called “serranos” or hill dwellers lead a quieter but harder life. The hills of the Algarve, however, are green, luxurious and their orchards and vineyards provide this region with its own special touch of paradise.


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